10 Songs to Get Ready for Festival Season

Photo courtesy of crienglish.com (Note the Nepali flag in the background)
Photo courtesy of crienglish.com (Note the Nepali flag in the background)

Rites of Spring was in many ways a kick-off for the summer season of music festivals. For many students, the time to go to music festivals in a hot, showerless, frenzy of music, beach balls, and girls on the shoulders of some poor soul won’t begin until a few weeks when we are done with the stresses of finals and school work. To get ready for this wonderful time of year, I have compiled a list of 10 songs that really get us into the mood for these festivals. These songs are not necessarily the most intricate or creative songs that these artists have made, but I think they really capture the carefree, no-consequences kind of attitude most people are looking for during the middle of a summer festival.

“Walking On A Dream” – Empire of the Sun

Australian Duo Empire of the Sun brings the energy with this electro-pop hit from 2008. Simple song, simple structure, but overall very easy to get into because Empire of the Sun has a way of making people feel like their songs are familiar.

“Up Up Up”- GIVERS

I may have a personal bias with this one because they are a hometown favorite of Lafayette, Louisiana, but I feel like anyone who listens to “Up Up Up” by GIVERS would agree that this song belongs on this list. On Glassnote records with bands like Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, and Mumford and Sons, expect more to come from GIVERS in the future.

“I’ll Be Alright”- Passion Pit

I can personally attest to the level of summer-festivalness that Passion Pit can provide in a live performance. I saw them last year at the the Free-Press Summer Festival in Houston, and their synth-heavy indie-pop style, such as in “I’ll Be Alright”, electrified the crowd.

“Shuffle” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club’s  smash hit, “Shuffle”, off of the album A Different Kind of Fix is radically different from any of their work on their previous two albums. Perhaps they wanted to appeal to the crowds flocking these big time festivals more with the synth-pop sound that has become so popular nowadays, but nonetheless their work with “Shuffle” lands them on the list.

“Lisztomania” – Phoenix

The first track off of the 2009 album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, “Lisztomania” was definitely a part of the group of gateway songs that introduced the current college-aged music listeners into the “indie-rock” genre. For that, I always feel like their is a consensus feeling of nostalgia towards this song.

“Strings”- Young the Giant

Although not as popular as “Cough Syrup” or “My Body” off of the Young the Giant album, “Strings” makes the list because of the subtle island-like feel that it provides. “Strings” is like a mini island excursion packed into a 4 minute song.

“Undercover Martyn”- Two Door Cinema Club

Irish rockers Two Door Cinema Club provide are great for providing anthems for any singing-in-the-car moment, and “Undercover Martyn” is no exception with its sounds of enthusiastic guitar and excited drumming.

“Go Outside”- Cults

The lyrics pretty much some up why Cults made the list with “Go Outside”:
“I think it’s good to go out
‘Cause if you don’t you’ll never make a memory that will stay”

“A-Punk”- Vampire Weekend

“A-punk” is quintessential Vampire Weekend. That should be enough said.

“Hey Ya!”- OutKast

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, hip-hop duo OutKast is reuniting for some of the most anticipated performances this summer, so “Hey Yeah” is especially relevant right now. They recently performed at Coachella, and from what I have read their performance was very satisfying to their faithful audience. Without a doubt OutKast will be a hot topic at every music festival they perform in this summer, and there is nothing quite like “Hey Yeah” to get us all back in the swing of things with OutKast.