27 Hot Tracks to Soundtrack Your Summer

We’re getting into the hottest part of summer, and our DJs are scattered all across the country and the world right now. Until we resume regular programming in the fall, tide yourself over with these 27 tunes.

This summer-themed Spotify playlist compiled by our staff should be just what you need to kick back and enjoy whatever you’re up to for the next few months. Perfect for the beach, road trips, playing badminton, and more!

Recent WRVU Rotation Adds Profiled: The War on Drugs, Schoolboy Q, Wild Beasts

As anyone involved with WRVU knows, we’re constantly trying to showcase new musical talent while also keeping our station’s output connected to industry buzz. Let’s take a look at a few of the recent albums that have made it onto the airwaves at WRVU.

The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

The War on Drugs specialize in their own unique brand of “heartland rock” that is a little like Bruce Springsteen mixed with a more urgent version of Real Estate. Lost in the Dream stands as their best release yet, from rip-roaring cuts like “Red Eyes” to more pensive jams like “Suffering”.

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Top 10 Aphex Twin Songs

It’s no secret that Aphex Twin (AKA Richard D. James) is one of my favorite artists, but I can see how someone who’s yet to give him a listen might be intimidated by his scattered discography. Following are my picks for the top 10 Aphex Twin productions.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Music Releases of 2014

In a ranking of the months by number of great albums released, January would be right there with December at the bottom. That trend has been proven especially true this year, since there’s been a severe lack of releases that anyone will be listening to a month from now. Between disappointing releases from the promising young artists of today (Warpaint, Young the Giant) and disappointing releases from artists who were promising and young in 1997 (Crystal Method, Mogwai), January 2014 has gone down in music history as a good time to catch up on music from another era.

Fortunately, the rest of 2014 should be jam-packed with great new music. I now present the top 10 upcoming releases most worthy of hype, starting with…

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Classixx – Hanging Gardens (Innovative Leisure)

Dance music, plain and simple. One 4/4 synth-washed banger after another. Track 1 is the perfect introduction to the group, with a slow build to an in-the-clouds chorus. Honestly you could throw on every track to a similar effect. Highly recommended. Similar to: Justice, Todd Terje, early Daft Punk.

-Zach Shealy 8/21/2013

Godforbid – Equilibrium (Victory)

This is a textbook example of Victory Records metalcore. Exactly what I expected based on the album cover and names (of the band, tracks, album, etc.). But I liked it. Recommended for a metal show.

-Kaleb Lowe 4/12/13

DJ Kentaro – Contrast (Ninja Tune)

Master spinner DJ Kentaro mixes one part two-step, one part DNB, one part hip-hop, and two parts electro in his fourth album under Ninja Tune. This mix is high-tempo, head-banging goodness, with “Kikkake” and “North South  East West”  rising above the rest in terms of the number of times I pulled an important muscle. Contrast is deep and progressive, futuristic and “Lapis Lazuli” interrupts the madness with a just beautiful, 100-feet underground groove. “Higher” features some lip=biting UK rap, “Big Timer” and “Fire is On”. Yup, this genre puts out more of the same each year, and while this album is superficially different, it is a also a very dense symposium of what we expect. Recommended for bassheads only (hip-hop enthusiasts, beware).

- Will Doran 4/18/13

Major Lazer – Free the Universe (Secretly Canadian)

RATCHET!!! Get crunk, get dusted, make yo booty clap, and make it Wop! Wop! Wop! If you like to bring the heat and wile out… spin some of this. If you’ve hated the Harlem Shake since it’s first incarnation, skip these tribal electro crackhead beats.

- R. Blanton 04/13