Songs for a Break-up


I was recently curious as to why I know so many people who enjoy sad music. It seems especially in times of grief or extreme sadness, like after a rough break-up, everyone wants to listen to a stranger wail about lost love.

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Music You May Be Interested In (It’s All Really Good!)

In preparation for me dedicating myself to listening to Earl’s new album for the rest of the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to create a list of what I have been listening to in the past few weeks. All of this stuff is incredible, and should be listened to again and again. Some of it is very, very new and some of it is quite older but all of it was presumably recorded after the year 1994.


¡All-Time Quarterback! – ¡All-Time Quarterback! (2002, Barsuk Records)

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Springtime Study Jams

Ah. Spring is in the air, the birds are singing, and the ferocious Nashville ice storms have ended at long last. You look out the window, watching your fellow students frolic about the quad, carefree in the warm springtime sunshine. All you can think about is that beautiful weather, Rites of Spring, summer vacation… but wait… what’s that? What did the professor just say? Midterm next week? Final soon? Shit.

Once you return from your daydream to the sad reality of midterms, you may ask yourself, “What’s a student to do to get through this ridiculous amount of work?” Obviously, you need a playlist of cool springtime study vibes to get through all your nasty homework. Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled upon the illest and chillest of study vibes. From KAASI to Karma Kid, this playlist is filled with all the relaxing fuel you need to get through the season of school work.

Hozier Takes Nashville to Church


This past week, Hozier literally took thousands of fans to the Mother Church of Country Music, also known as Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. I was lucky enough to attend one of his three sold out shows at the Ryman, and as I’m sure anyone else who was in attendance will agree, it was an incredible show. After a great set by opening act George Ezra, Hozier opened with a few of his more upbeat songs – “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene,” “From Eden,” and “Jackie and Wilson.” Each of these songs generated an even stronger and louder reaction from the audience. His next song, “Someone New,” received even more excitement than the songs preceding it, likely because of its recently released music video featuring Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones (the video, released in early March, already has over 4 million views).

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