Finding your Fall Favorites

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Photo credit: Vanderbilt’s Peabody website

After what felt like an eternally hot summer, fall is finally here. The temperatures have finally dropped out of the nineties, classes are starting to pick up, and the pumpkin spice latte is now back at Starbucks. In light of all of these other changes you may feel tempted to hold on to your old playlists full of summer pop in the hopes that you can somehow will back the days of road trips and beach days. However, like all things in life, your music too must change. Here are some recommendations for how to shift your old summer songs into a collection of new fall favorites:

1.Try atmospheric music

Atmospheric music seems to me to be one of the most underrated genres out there. Sure, they may not have catchy lyrics or an upbeat tune, but these songs are my personal favorite for when I’m studying or hanging out on a fall day. They add just enough sound and interest without overwhelming whatever else you happen to be working on. Check out the artists Eluvium and The Echelon Effect if you need somewhere to get started.

2. Slow things down with some indie tunes

So maybe you’re not entirely ready to slow down from the summer. Try incorporating some indie artists into your rotation for a fresh music update. Bon Iver just came out with a new album that our DJ Andrew Clark will be reviewing within the next week, so keep an eye out for that.

3. Check out some throwbacks

It’s reunion season, and soon the campus is going to be overrun with well-intentioned alumni talking about Vanderbilt back in their day. Maybe take a page from their book and comb the archives of music to find some older hits. Like 90s chokers and middle parts, some of this music might be coming back soon. Even if not, they’re still worth a listen.

4. Attend a few concerts

Nashville is an amazing concert venue. Living on Vanderbilt’s campus, you’re never far from amazing live music. Whether you’re a fan of Beyonce or you’re planning on attend Lady Gaga’s dive bar show tomorrow, there’s always a concert happening. Take advantage of this-you just might find your new favorite song.