She’s Just Got That Soul Power


If there’s one up-and-coming artist you should check out right this second, it’s Connor Zwetsch.  At the youthful age of 21, Connor has already managed to harness both the talent and the self-actualization required to help her rise into a promising career.  So rare is it that a musician successfully propagates such candor and humility that Connor’s work is invitingly reassuring.

Hearing her sing immediately leads you to feel like you understand her intimate motivations and passions.  Exploring YouTube might lead you to one of her cover songs, which have generated quite a buzz as of late.  Even performing songs by other artists, somehow Connor achieves an expression of wholehearted devotion to her craft.

With the recent release of her first EP “For Michelle,” Connor is breaking through the humble mold of Internet talent to climb onto a more accessible platform.  In relaying her own experience with heartbreak, Connor’s candid lyrics remind listeners of their own familiarity with love and devastation in an approachable and relatable manner.  “For Michelle” attests to Zwetsch’s undeniable ability to produce her own poetic vehicle.  Connor Zwetsch’s unflinching soul power, characteristic authenticity, and genuine knack for songwriting will carry her to be the next big thing.

P.S. – Be sure to look out for her on this season of  American Idol!


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