6 Artists Poised to Take the Bonnaroo Crown in 2015

Every year, tens of thousands of music fanatics the world over gather on “the farm” in Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo. Also, it has become tradition to see which sets have left the greatest mark on the festival-goers. Showmanship, the timing of the show, and the size of the artist’s existing fanbase serve as key factors in determining which artists leave Tennessee with the most positive response. In 2014, most of the news and opinions arose from Elton John’s closing set, Kanye’s polarizing rants, and Ukranian group DakhaBrakha’s outlandish stylings. Let’s take a look at which artists are poised to leave their mark on this year’s fest.

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WRVRoo Bonnaroo Ticket Giveaway

We have some insanely exciting news for the month of March. After last year’s smashing success, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has agreed to partner with us again to make WRVRoo 2015 a reality. WRVU Nashville will be hosting a two-part ticket giveaway for Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2015. The grand prize is a pair of four-day passes to the festival in Manchester, TN, June 11-14, with full camping access.

Part 1: Bonnaroo Week on WRVU

WRVU will pick a different artist off of the official lineup each day of the workweek (M-F), March 9-13. Each hour of that week, a DJ will announce the artist of the day and play a song by them. On Friday, after all five artists have been announced, listeners can email WRVUOutreach@vanderbilt.edu with the secret list of all 5 artists of the week. Every listener who gets it right will be eligible for Part 2…

Part 2: Show Your Bonnaroo Spirit!

This will be a social-media centered photo contest, taking place March 17-28. We’ll post your hype on our Facebook, and the winner will be determined by a combination of people’s votes (likes, shares) and judges’ (E-Staff) scores. Creativity will be encouraged — write why you should win and take a picture of it, capture it in a creative image, make relevant artwork, whatever you want!

Get out there and spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and whomever else to tune into WRVU Nashville and participate in WRVRoo 2015!

Bonnaroo 2014- The Highlights

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 5.02.15 PM

My attendance a few weeks ago at the strange 4-day escape from reality called Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival marked my fifth year at the event. Early on every year the same doubtful thought runs through my mind: Why do I continue year after year to put myself through this? Sometime between my first use of the less than gleaming porta-potties and the realization that yes, I would indeed be this sweaty and disheveled for the next four days, that moment of panic comes.

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A Spring Break Playlist to Get You Excited for Coachella/Bonnaroo

Photo courtesy of bodyworker.org
Photo courtesy of bodyworker.org

Alright, so maybe Bonnaroo and Coachella are a bit far off in the future, but it’s never too late to get excited about their imminent arrivals! With Elton John, Kanye West, and Jack White headlining Bonnaroo; Outkast, Muse, and Arcade Fire headlining Coachella, and many more amazing musicians/bands showcasing their talents at the two festivals, there is much about which to be excited. Bonnaroo is a little more than 100 days away; Coachella is just 40 days away; and spring break 2014 is happening right now. As many people are parading off to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the beach for a week of relaxation and wild festivities, I’m sure they would appreciate a playlist to get them to where they’re going and make their trips more enjoyable. So, wherever you’re going for spring break, whether flying out or road tripping, or simply going home for some much-needed R&R after a stressful week of midterms, here is a playlist of catchy tunes by some of the artists who will be performing at this year’s Bonnaroo and Coachella to spice up your spring break!

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