Oh yes, another quasi-personality evaluation that is not backed by science or empirical evidence. But hey, if you’re dying from midterms like the majority of the college population, maybe you’ll get a kick from indulging in this contemporary yet intriguing passing of time. If you’re still not interested, here is a list of 11 cool and interesting music festivals you might not have known about.

Aquarius – South By Southwest (SXSW) (Born January 20 – February 18)

You are a rebel and an innovator at heart, and believe that art has the power to influence culture for the good of humanity. SXSW allows you to be able to engage in all types of art — from conferences, trade shows, music, and other events. You love learning and feeding your mind with all types of mediums, and this festival allows you to explore the intersection of art and society in a way that is fulfilling to you.


Pisces – Camp Flog Gnaw (Born February 19 – March 20)

You are pleasure-seeking, mystical, and emotional. Even you might have a hard time really expressing how you feel on the inside, you gravitate towards eccentric experiences as a means to live vicariously through them. As a sign that is often misunderstood, CFG gives you a space to truly engage in what it means to be “you.” (Fun Fact: Tyler the Creator is also a pisces!)


Aries – Electric Daisy Carnival (Born March 21 – April 19)

You are passionate, energetic, and seek thrilling experiences. EDC’s art LED flora and fauna, light installations, and rides allow you to fall in love with life again — to truly experience the beauty of imagination. It is likely that you will accidentally separate from your friends and make new ones, and the thought of that excites you, even though it seems scary at first. (Did you know people actually get married at EDC?) Much like EDC, you try to push the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable to set new examples for others to follow. 


Taurus – Lost Lands (Born April 20 – May 20)

At your core, you are a very grounded, practical person. However, you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone to try new experiences. At Lost Lands, you are able to feel safe yet loved by the Rave community, and are able to finally are able to break out of your shell (but on your own terms). If you end up making Kandii bracelets for Lost Lands, you will probably be very intentional about what they read, and with whom you will share them with. You crave the comfort of tradition but enjoy controlled deviation, this festival — influenced by early 2000s electric sub-genres dubstep and hardstyle — hits the spot for you. 


Gemini – Lollapalooza (Born May 21 – June 20)

You are someone who likes variety, excitement, and change. Lollapalooza is not as mainstream as some of the other music festivals, and you enjoy being in that intersection between eclecticism and modernity. It’s difficult to balance the two, so why should you have to? The biggest challenge for you is to find emotions and feelings that last for a long time, and you find yourself constantly changing. In a lot of ways, Lollapalooza is the exact same — try finding another festival where you can listen to Bring Me the Horizon, Louis the Child, Tenacious D, Ariana Grande all in the same day, I dare you. 


Cancer – Music Midtown (Born June 21 – July 22)

At your core, you are a relaxed person and am quite hesitant about outlandish or crazy experiences. You probably don’t enjoy being in a large space with a bunch of strangers, and would probably prefer smaller gatherings with close friends where you are able to engage in emotionally intimate discussions. Music Midtown is not too overwhelming, and you enjoy the variety of music it provides while still allowing you to connect with your close friends.


Leo – Burning Man (Born July 23 – August 22)

Leos are ambitious and fun-loving. They love experiencing new things and getting to know different types of people. Leos tend to be surrounded by modernity and are always on top of the trends, and will likely see Burning Man as a once in a lifetime experience that they must partake in. Radical self expression is something that Leos value, and as one anonymous Burning Man attendee said once, “Burning Man is about ‘why not’ overwhelming ‘why’”. 


Virgo – Gov Ball (Born August 23 – September 22)

In a city that is constantly moving, Gov Ball gets straight to the point, and is representative of the population it seeks to represent. Gov Ball is a means of escape for those who live in the hustle and bustle of life in the Big Apple. Virgos are very keen on details and organized, and their deep sense of humanity are traits that manifest when you think about the genesis and ethos of Gov Ball. It’s definitely not the craziest festival on this roster, but it is just right for the people it’s created for. 


Libra – Coachella (Born September 23 – October 23)

Libras crave mental and physical stimulus, and have high expectations for themselves and others. If you’re a Libra, you might enjoy posting your experiences online, not necessarily to flex but because you appreciate the artistic, cultural, and social impacts experiences have. After all, Coachella is arguably the largest and most influential music festival in America, and a rite of passage for so many talented artists in their journey to superstardom. This is the cultural experience of our generation, and there is no way you would die without experiencing it. 


Scorpio – Vans Warped Tour [Rest in Peace :’( ] (Born October 24 – November 22)

It’s very possible you are still in your emo phase, and will likely never leave it. As a passionate and assertive sign, you feed off the energy and intensity that Rock provides for its listeners. Moshing and Crowdsurfing is probably your thing, even if it’s just watching it from a distance. You crave honesty and intellectual conversation, and the candid nature + lyricism of the artists that have donned the stage of Warped (Good Charlotte, Mayday Parade, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance) is something you respect, even if it’s not your typical cup of tea. 


Sagittarius – Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival (Born November 23 – December 21)

You are infatuated with the beauty of humanity and always lead with your heart. Bonnaroo gives you an intimate experience where you are able to fall in love with community. There are so many genres represented at this festival, and you find that an amazing opportunity to experience music through the lens of so many different types of people. From High Five Friday to ad-hoc conga lines to the mantra “radiate positivity,” it’s impossible to leave Roo without feeling a sense of connection with those both similar and different from you. Happy Roo!


Capricorn – Electric Forest (Born December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are reliable, but reserved and largely mysterious. When you meet a Capricorn for the first time, you will likely find that they are impossible to crack. Underneath all of that mystery, however, is an individual rich with emotion and depth. Much like a forest, Capricorns need careful navigation to understand. But, once you are able to deeply understand the ins and outs of their mind, you will uncover a beauty that you wouldn’t see at first glance.