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Let’s Not Act Like Lil Pump Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

Courtesy of Lil Pump via Twitter

There’s no denying that Soundcloud has become the birthing ground for new hiphop artists. Some of the biggest names today, Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert to name two, began their record-breaking careers on the platform. Soundcloud’s accessibility has made it easier than ever to enter the game, but just as easy to be buried under a million other users (talented or not). How do you set yourself apart? Lil Pump’s Answer:


Formal Szn Ft. WRVU

Formal weekend is upon on us! Frats are descending on beaches, drinks are being poured (and spilled), and everyone wants #bangers. So I’m gonna get the party going with a few of those. Each song is linked to the next through the features or producer to ensure a truly cohesive playlist experience.

Looking Forward to Rolling Loud

The festival bubble is growing more and more every year. Lineups are becoming progressively weaker, attendance is going down, and variety is spreading thin. The desire to appeal to everybody ends up not fully satisfying anyone. Differentiating yourself is now the key to a successful festival, and, in my opinion, the one that has done that the best is Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami, FL.