The 6 Best Songs To Play For Your Friend Post-Surgery

This week was a whirlwind of school loads getting way too much to handle, the CMA Awards taking over Nashville and to top it off my friend had ACL surgery.  With all of the busy-ness this week, I wanted to put a few songs together, new and old, that bring me peace and comfort in the hard, negative and stressful times.

Fix You – Coldplay
“Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you”
When your friend needs a simple reminder that you are there for them, Coldplay’s X & Y from 2005 can fill that void for you. Among many other unique qualities, Coldplay’s lead man, Chris Martin, has a clear voice that cuts through the pain and reassures you that everything will be okay.

Above the Clouds of Pompeii – Bear’s Den
Released a little over 2 weeks okay, the London hailing, indie-folk trio’s first full album, Islands, presents us with this track. Three songs into the album comes a sad song that’s melodies and lyrics give off comfort stating, “Please, just don’t cry/Hold your head up high/ She would want you to.”

Byegone – Volcano Choir
“Byegone” is the buildup of all buildups. Reminding me of a long drive through snowcapped mountains in the dead of winter – the drive ending in a little cabin with a sparking fireplace and burning hot coco. This song instruments so much artistry and passion it’s easily one of Justin Vernon’s most impressive works.

Boston – Augustana
Throwing it back to 2003, this song reminds us of the ability we have to start a new life somewhere. As an upperclassman in college, this song seems all too real yet leaves us hopeful as many of us our about to start a study abroad opportunity or new job in a far away city.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
For a little reminder of how powerful love is, Snow Patrol asks a simple question, “So if I lay here/If I just lay here/Would you lie with me and just forget the world.” With all the negative surrounding us, it is easy to forget how valuable the ones we love are. Gary Lightbody wrote this song in his producer’s garden after his dad told him he would never get her and if he did he wouldn’t know what to do.

Go Do – Jónsi
Ending on a positive note, “Go Do” suggests that we can do anything with the heavy percussions and cheery flute melodies by Icelandic singer Jónsi. This song never fails to leave positive energy flowing through my veins along with hopeful thoughts in my mind.