Wiki, Antwon, and the Joy of a Great Remix (God Blessed Us)

Antwon on the left and Wiki on the right (courtesy of

Last year in December, Ratking member Wiki blessed us with Lil Me, a free album that ran 17 tracks deep and featured some glorious rapping over excellent production from the likes of Sporting Life, Black Mack, KAYTRANADA, and more.

Wiki and Ratking have been making hot tracks for a while now, and Lil Me carries on this trend, boasting highlights like the mother-friendly “Livin With My Moms” (complete with a wonderful music video) and “God Bless Me,” which blew me away the first time I heard it.

If those great Skepta and Sporting Life verses weren’t enough, Wiki put out a remix of the Skywlkr-produced track earlier today, wherein Antwon shows out as only he can. (Ladies say I’m so sweet, call me Nestle). The San Jose rapper has been touring with Wiki on their “We Stole Hip-Hop” tour, and as of late, they’ve been sounding real nice on tracks together. Shouts to them, hope they keep juuging as a tandem for as long as possible if it’s resulting in majestic stuff like this remix.

As for the future, keep an eye out for Antwon’s Double Ecstasy EP on Anticon April 1st, and see if you can catch any dates left on their tour.