Final Four


Big shout-out to William Doran for the creative design seen throughout this tournament. The Round Three/Elite Eight vote results are below, as well as previews of the Final Four matchups. But more importantly,


Final Four Preview (with vote totals from last round):

Beck_Morning_Phase Mac_DeMarco_Salad_Days vs. FKA_twigs_-_LP1 Swans_To_Be_Kind

As the #1 overall seed Salad Days has had a less difficult schedule than the other final four albums. Its highlight performance thus far has been narrowly defeating Future Islands’ Singles by a one-vote margin during Round 2.

FKA twigs’ LP1, by contrast, started the tournament with a surprisingly low #28 seed, but it has more than proved itself by beating acclaimed albums from Sun Kil Moon, Spoon, and Swans to get here.

Aphex_twin_syro RunTheJewelsRTJ2 vs. St_Vincent_artwork You're_Dead!

#2 overall seed Run the Jewels has handily dispatched every album it has come up against, including hopeful contenders Aphex Twin and Real Estate.

St. Vincent (#11 overall seed) is hot off a victory against #3 Flying Lotus, and hopes to ride its widespread general acclaim all the way to the top.