Cover of single album for “Ireland in 2009”, courtesy of Caroline Romano

Hailing from our wild music city, Nashville-based artist Caroline Romano has always had something to say since her debut single, “Masterpiece,” in 2016. With a strong and steady discography ranging from “I Still Remember (R3HAB Remix)” to “Oddities and Prodigies,” Romano creates music that speaks straight to the heart. Her newest single release, “Ireland in 2009,” is no different.

Drawing inspiration from 2009 indie film Cherrybomb, Romano delivers her own musical take on the film’s exploration of modern romantic tragedy. The film tells a tale of Belfast teen Malachy who competes with his friend Luke for attention from a girl named Michelle. In a series of truly unfortunate events, the trio’s stories ends in an uncannily familiar tragedy. Romano uses the film as inspiration to speak on gritty teenage romances everywhere. Romano packs in chillingly powerful vocals against an anthemic melody that is reminiscent of the early 2010s. Caroline’s signature lyrical tactic of bluntness also shines through the song as she tells a gripping tale of nostalgic young love.

Broken glass and empty bottles
Are 21st century fossils
Shattered dreams instead of dollars
Listen close you’ll still hear their hollers

– lyrics from “Ireland in 2009” by Caroline Romano

Funnily enough, Romano was only 8 years old in 2009— an age that is arguably far too young to have experienced the tragic heartbreak reflected in the song. However, this is a theme that is common throughout all of her songs so far. Romano is an expert at imagining scenarios that she has never personally experienced and elaborating them out into a musical masterpiece that it feels impossibly personal. This perhaps reflects her wiseness beyond her years, both in terms of emotional maturity and musical talent.

Caroline Romano, courtesy of Robert Chavers

Romano’s songwriting abilities continue showcase her witty, introspective, and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism, and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. With every song she releases, Romano proves time and time again that she is not afraid to digress from the norm. Instead, she continues to fight for her own unique voice and musical storytelling as she forges a powerful path of her own in the music industry.

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