Immunity – Jon Hopkins (Domino)

Extremely creative/enjoyable instrumental electronic music. The first four tracks are muscular techno soundscapes, with “Breathe This Air” adding a sprinkling of piano flourishes to the mix. The back half of the album scale the abrasiveness back, starting with a minimal piano ballad in “Abandon Window.” “Form By Firelight” (a personal favorite) lays consistent piano jabs over a futuristic bass-heavy electro-groove. “Sun Harmonics” is a slow building house track that layers simple guitar picks, shakers, and ethereal voices into a quietly uplifting composition. Recommended if you like Fuck Buttons, John Talabot, Jamie xx.

Zach Shealy 8/21/2013

The Delta Saints – Death Letter Jubilee (Self-released)

Our neighbors from Belmont, the Delta Saints, have created a distinctly Southern debut album.  Death Letter Jubilee is a rock album soaked in moonshine and served at some dimly lit Nashville bar.  The Delta Saints’ rollicking album results directly in foot tapping and head-nodding thanks to Ben Ringel’s soulful vocals and Dylan Fitch’s driving guitar.  Death Letter Jubilee should be blasted out of a Mardi Gras float, especially “Death Letter Jubilee” and “Boogie.”  The thumping Southern beats are cut by the haunting “Out to Sea” (think The Avett Brothers) and “River” (think a 1930s Mississippi porch front).  A little swampy, a little bluesy, and definitely soulful.  -Hillary Good 4/11/2013

Anxiety- Autre Ne Veut (Software)

Brooklyn based singer Arthur Ashin goes all out on his impressive sophomore album, in which he confronts his long-standing depression. Landing somewhere between indie pop, electronica and R&B, Anxiety is a great ride. “Play By Play” is freaking unbelievable, the album’s best, a soulful slow jam that leaves you in heavy anticipation of the album to come. Autre Ne Veut is a true indie-soul star, one that deserves the world’s attention. His voice is soulful and his falsetto is strong. However, in some places, the beat is overproduced and far too busy. Listening start-to-finish might be difficult.

Final Word: This album has a great concept and Autre Ne Veut performs it beautifully. I heavily recommend it.

-Austin Lyons

Godforbid – Equilibrium (Victory)

This is a textbook example of Victory Records metalcore. Exactly what I expected based on the album cover and names (of the band, tracks, album, etc.). But I liked it. Recommended for a metal show.

-Kaleb Lowe 4/12/13

Queen of Queens Riddim – Various Artists (Larger Than Life)

Solid reggae album.  Each song is upbeat and has a mellow sound.  A common criticism of reggae as a whole is that it tends to sound repetitive, and it is definitely true here.  A riddim album, like this one, is a collection of songs with different performers, but with the same instrumental on each track.  Every beat on this album is literally the same, but the vocals and the different styles of each performer keep it varied enough to stay interesting.  If you like reggae, chances are you will like this album.

By Your Side–Break Bot (Ed Banger Records)

The Break Bots are incredible in their new album By Your Side. This is the kind of album that makes you tap your foot and want to get up and bust a move! Their groovy beats remind me of Chromeo, with a bit of 70s psychedelic vibe. -Isabelle Shain, 4/18/13

Various Artists – The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver (ATO Records)

This is a John Denver tribute album chock full of amazing artists’ new interpretations of Denver’s beloved songs. These covers are mostly very well-done; the good tracks are fantastic, but the few not-so-good covers are pretty sub-par. Amos Lee’s Some Days Are Diamonds is my favorite; his tribute to his personal songwriting hero is heartfelt and genuine. Annie’s Song is a great indie track. The Bluegrass breakdown of Take Me Home is awesome. Final word: Yes. Yes. Yes. This album is golden. I highly recommend it. – Austin Lyons, 4/2/13