Kate Nash – Girl Talk (Have 10p Records)

So Kate Nash is basically the best thing ever.  Seriously.  Now, this album is a little bit different from her previous two – she went sort of 90s Riot Grrl – but I think it works. A lot. This is something I’ll most probably  play on my show at some point.  So go put this in rotation. -Erica Comer, 3/13

Major Lazer – Free the Universe (Secretly Canadian)

RATCHET!!! Get crunk, get dusted, make yo booty clap, and make it Wop! Wop! Wop! If you like to bring the heat and wile out… spin some of this. If you’ve hated the Harlem Shake since it’s first incarnation, skip these tribal electro crackhead beats.

- R. Blanton 04/13

Young Buffalo EP – Young Buffalo (Atlantic)

Oxford, MS indie rockers Young Buffalo make an awesome showing on their self-titled EP.  A massive sound is present despite the band’s having only two members, both of whom are great musicians and songwriters.  The vocals are great and the guitar work is very original.  If Young Buffalo keeps up the good work, they could make it big; their sound is very clean and professional in addition to being very accessible and enjoyable.  The only real “weak” track is k2, as all the others are exceptional, especially k3 and k4.

Red Baraat–Shruggy Ji (Sinj)

For some reason this CD reminds me of a marching band playing. Particularly, Shurggy Ji has very strong and distinct instrumentals. And the vocals seem to be just added more to accompany the music, rather than the music accompanying the vocals. However, some songs are really just instrumentals. But it is a really brassy and fun CD. -Taylor Thomas, 1/28/13

Jambalaya Brass Band – On the Funky Side

The Jambalaya Brass Band is a New Orleans brass band in the vein of other revivalists like the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and they fit the bill very well. This album exudes raw energy, with upbeat solos, tight bass lines, and funky licks abound. K1 is a great overall showcase of the band’s talent, and K6 is nice with its spicy Latin tinge. No one song really stands out as exceptional, but the whole album is great fun. I’d recommend this for rotation, especially given the dearth of jazz records in there currently. – Connor McGowan, 2/19/2013

Victim of Love – Charles Bradley (Dapton Records)

If you like some funk and some groove in your life then you best listen to this because Bradley’s got some major soul. Definitely reminiscent of 80′s soul music, i.e. James Brown. Really cool stuff – I recommend this for a funk show.

Lance Lehman 04/02/13

No Doubt “Push and Shove” Their Way Back into the Spotlight

The last time No Doubt came out with an album, the year was 2001.  Modern staples like the iPhone and Facebook weren’t even ideas yet, Barack Obama was a virtually unknown name, and Justin Bieber had probably just lost his first tooth.

Needless to say, the culture in which No Doubt finds itself today is worlds away from the music scene they dominated in the 90s, which means the band needs some its strongest work yet to win over this new generation of listeners. It’s unfortunate then that Push and Shove, while a thoroughly pleasant listen, may not be the home-run they need to put them back on top.

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