Portugal. The Man Speak with WRVU and Announce new Cookbook

If there are two things that we at WRVU care about more than music, they’re chicken wings and tortilla soup. Luckily, the guys in Portugal. The Man feel the same way. The band played a whomping 1-hour mega-medley on alumni lawn this weekend for Rites of Spring, stringing their potent original portfolio together with a series of covers, including but not limited to, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’sDay Man” and Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

But before he and his band had Vanderbilt students singing about “the fighter of the night-man,” Portugal. The Man’s bassist and founding member, Zach Carothers, joined Heather Jackson, Meredith Mattlin, and myself inside WRVU studios to talk about his rap game, his stance on environmentalism, and most importantly his favorite places to eat.

Here’s an audio clip of our talk with Zach:

DJ, Heather Jackson, with Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man inside WRVU
DJ, Heather Jackson, with Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man inside WRVU

Additionally, check out this clip of Portugal. The Man covering “Day Man” as an intro to two of their own songs, “So American” and “People Say.”

Rites of Spring Preview: Key Tracks


At the end of every Vanderbilt academic year, on the verge of finals, anticipation starts to boil over for the annual Rites of Spring music festival. Recent years have seen EDM juggernauts, hip hop stars, and stadium rock bands alike take their shot at Alumni Lawn glory. So what has The Music Group brought us this year? We asked WRVU DJs for their favorite tracks from this year’s Rites artists, and here’s what they had to say.

Artist: Young the Giant
Set-time: Saturday 11pm-Midnight
Key Track: “Apartment”

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The Hype, The Chance, The Rapper


“What did you think of the Rites lineup?”

This question has reverberated around Vanderbilt’s campus since February 11, 2015. Rock purists celebrated the appearance of Young, the Giant at the top of the bill. Fans of psychedelia and indie rock were surely excited to see Portugal. The Man make the trip. Music fans of every walk of life are singing the praises of T-Pain’s inclusion.

However, the first name on the bill has generated the most buzz. Chancelor Bennett, known to the world as Chance the Rapper, whose profession, as it turns out, is in fact rapping, has taken the hip-hop community by storm over the past two years. His rise to fame has been exponential, and his headlining position at Rites should not come as a surprise.

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Kid Freud: A Rising Vandy Band

Kid Freud, formed five months ago, is poised for a successful 2014-2015 campaign.
Kid Freud, formed five months ago, is poised for a successful 2014-2015 campaign.

It’s rare that you find a prodigious band coming out of Vanderbilt.  Vampire Weekend met at Columbia and Tom Schulz met his Boston bandmates at MIT, but here the music scene centers around singer-songwriters—Belmont produces the bands, they say.

With Kid Freud, though, Vanderbilt may have these rock titans’ future equals on its hands.

Despite forming only four months ago, the three-piece outfit is taking its place at the head of the burgeoning music community on West End, regularly packing venues like The End and fresh off earning the opportunity to open Rites of Spring after winning the festival’s Battle of the Bands.

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